About Us

Taylor Tripp is a leading landscape design practice with a reputation for creating elegant English country gardens, that are both beautiful and timeless, firmly rooted in the tradition of classic garden design and infused with a deep understanding of the natural world.

Established in 1996, our projects range in their size and complexity from country gardens to much larger rural estates. Many of the practice’s projects involve designing and restoring gardens and landscapes around listed and historic buildings, but we also work with clients and architects to create gardens around new buildings.

Known for our sensitive approach to sites, our designs emerge from an understanding of the history of the place and of the people who live there. We begin every project by exploring the garden, the history and architecture of the house, the preferred style of its owners and the wider landscape surrounding the property and, wherever possible, we draw on the local vernacular to influence design style and material choices. The aim is to ensure that the finished design provides harmony between all of these elements.

Due to the scale of many of our projects, we often collaborate as part of a multi-disciplinary team with other professionals such as architects, interior designers, planning consultants, engineers, craftsmen, landscapers and gardeners.

Reflecting our deep knowledge of plants and their habits, our planting schemes are driven not only by a desire to create beautiful gardens, but also by a love of nature, to encourage biodiversity and preserve and enhance existing habitats.

We combine design with our understanding of the craft of gardening, to create thoughtful and considered gardens, guiding our clients through the project, including monitoring the build process, to ensure the garden is created as intended. We also like to meet with clients and their gardeners on a regular basis, once the garden is complete, to ensure it develops as planned over time.

We believe that a well-designed garden can be transformative, that it should stimulate and delight, inspire and capture the imagination, whilst providing beauty and joy for all those who experience it.

Our practice has been based in Hampshire for over twenty years. In 2014 we moved to the heart of Winchester, the historic capital of England, where we are now perfectly placed for clients and others to visit us. We are a small, creative team with a wide range of skills and many years of experience, which enables us to provide a valuable and comprehensive garden and landscape design service.

Each project has a dedicated designer leading the design process to ensure continuity, but clients will also have the opportunity to work with other members of the team, so that every client and project benefits from the collective knowledge and expertise of the practice.