Văleni Estate


The Văleni Estate is located in northeastern Romania close to the Moldavian border.

The ancestral home of our client, the estate was requisitioned by the communist government following World War II and for the next sixty years was used as a state school. It was returned to the family in 2007.

Having been stripped of its original character and fine features, and with the historic gardens and arboretum destroyed, the client commissioned us to create a masterplan from which they could slowly reintroduce a landscape in keeping with the property and informed by the historic layout.

Working with a team of conservation architects from Bucharest, local craftsmen and the estate team, landscape works and improvements are ongoing and will be implemented in stages over the next few years.

To date, historic views have been reinstated through the trees to the landscape beyond and works have commenced to clear self-seeded woodland trees in the nationally listed arboretum. A programme of replanting specimen trees is now underway, with trees selected to survive the extremes of climate found within this part of Romania.

We hope to begin planting works around the house shortly.