Country Estates


The history of a Country Estate often has a significant role in our approach to the project and design. In many instances, parts or the whole of the Estate will be listed, and we are commissioned to restore and preserve historic features and to enhance and develop the site, rather than to completely replace what has been before. In so doing, we consider the overall infrastructure to ensure that it links and flows, while creating schemes that enhance each area of the Estate.

Our Master Plan will often involve the creation or restoration of walled gardens, cutting and kitchen gardens, parterres and knots, formal lawns, wildflower meadows, croquet lawns and tennis courts, swimming pools, lakes and water features, avenues, arboretums, woodlands and parklands, drives, entrances, and all-important vistas and views. The list of possibilities is extensive, but the design is always tailored to the individual project, the site and location, and the needs of our client.

Once the project is complete, we can advise on landscape management and ongoing development, as part of the overall Estate Plan.