Design Process

Designing and creating a landscape or garden is a process which requires time, resources, collaboration with others and much hard work.

We appreciate every project is different and our work needs to be tailored to the needs of each individual client. We, therefore, recommend you contact us so we can discuss your possible scope of works in more detail.

Whilst there are several possible routes, the stages outlined below comprise the usual approach.

  • 1. Preliminary Work

    Initial consultation and production of a Garden Report. Organisation of a Topographical Survey. If required, review of architectural plans. Offer Design Fee Proposal.
  • 2. Hand Drawn Concept Plan

    Prepare an initial Hand Drawn Concept Plan. Discuss sketch ideas with client.
  • 3. CAD Drawn Concept Plan

    Advance the design ideas in CAD format. Offer an estimated idea of possible build and planting costs. Discuss with client.
  • 4. Master Plan

    Hone the CAD Drawn Concept Plan, following discussion of possible build and planting costs, to produce an ultimate, agreed Master Plan.
  • 5. Planning

    If necessary, work closely with other professionals and the client to produce Planning Plans and reports for submission to the Local Planning Authority.
  • 6. Construction Drawings, Details and Contractor Brief

    Produce relevant working drawings so that contractor(s) can accurately quote for and implement the design.
  • 7. Tender

    Meet the contractor(s) to discuss the project, so that they have a clear understanding of the scope of works to allow them to prepare accurate estimates. Assist in the selection and appointment of suitable contractor(s).
  • 8. Plant Lists

    Compile detailed Plant Lists, with suggested plant quantities, for the various areas of the garden to be planted. Formulate a photomontage of the ideas and discuss with client. Finalise plant lists following these discussions.
  • 9. Site Monitoring and Landscape Management

    Monitor the works on site until completion, place plants for the landscaper/gardener(s) to plant and review on going maintenance to ensure the garden develops as intended. It is important for us to stay involved throughout a project to ensure the best possible results.