New Country House | Hampshire

Upon first viewing the property we discovered an unfinished shell of a new house and large swathes of mud and an old slurry pit. The house had been constructed on the site of an old dairy. Needless to say there was no history of a garden.

Before any designs could be implemented on site, it was necessary to work with a planning consultant to seek planning consent to extend the domestic curtilage, in order to be able to provide space for features, such as, a tennis court, swimming pool and a garden appropriately scaled to the house.

Upon receiving planning permission, the gardens have been slowly developed in phases over a number of years. Work is due to commence soon on a new contemporary-styled garden area and a pleached tree avenue, focusing a view towards a new sunken sculpture garden. 

It has been exciting to create beautiful, formal gardens from a very challenging site and to see the house and garden mature together to form an harmonious whole.