New Cottage Orne´ House | Hampshire

Adam Architecture had already organised the construction of this beautiful Cottage Orne style house and there was an element of formal garden laid out around some parts of the house, when we were commisoned, by the client, to pull all of the garden areas together. 

The drive, formally, skirted the roadside boundary and took drivers past the front of the house at close range, thereby, restricting the view towards the wonderful facade that seemed so desirable. 

We diverted the drive to focus on the front door and framed the view with a Chestnut avenue (the trees, ultimately to be pollarded). Cars were encouarged to park to the sides of the house, so the view of the house was kept clear. 

We, also, introduced a new formal vegetable garden, formal shade garden to a 'dead' area on one side of the house, added a framework of pleached Hornbeams to hide a utility area and revamped the formal garden to the rear, with new plantings of roses, herbaceous plants and formal hedges. 

The house and garden can now be seen, featured at the centre of Adam Architecture's new book 'The Country House Ideal, by Jeremy Musson