Mill House | Surrey

Whilst in an idyllic setting, the gardens were lacking a cohesive design and the mill race had become completely overgrown with Alders and invasive species, such as, Bamboo, Rhododendron and Himalayan Balsam.

The new layout, includes a new herb garden and formalised planting schemes to the front of the house, a croquet lawn, enlarged terrace to improve the ability to sit closer to the water, a new herbaceous border, backed by maturely planted pleached hornbeam and progressive garden rooms, culminating in a new, partially walled, productive garden.

The unsightly and invasive planting obscuring the mill race has been removed and the formal sides softened and stabilised, by the introduction of new native marginal planting, with the aim of stabilising and naturalising this man-made feature.

A new, decorative timber bridge provides another crossing point, focusing views through a new wetland meadow and allowing a complete walk around the gardens, which straddle both sides of the mill race.

Finally, backed by English Nature, a silted up stream on a lower level has been restored and improved to provide a trout-spawning stream, together with a fish pass to connect the two watercourses.