Marsh Court | Hampshire

An Important Lutyens house and landscape.

Gertrude Jekyll had been involved with the planting schemes. 

Over the years the planting had become neglected and much was lost. We were commissioned to replant all areas of the original garden and to develop the grounds further. The clients did not want a faithful recreation of the Jekyll schemes, but did want to retain the remaining structure and restore it where possible. 

The sunken garden became a white and green garden.

The sundial terrace was planted with blues, soft pink and purples, which were designed to contrast, strikingly, with the white chalk-stone of the house.

An entirely new area of planting was installed to frame a 'left-over' garden which was designed by Lutyens, before the house was extended several years after completion. This had a simple black and white theme, again using the white background of the house as contrast.  

The former herbaceous borders were planted with white, pink and dusky purple roses and peonies, framed by the original Jekyll Bergenias.