Country Villa | Corfu

Upon arriving at an old Olive grove on a steep hillside overlooking Albania, we were requested to create a classic Mediterranean garden around a yet-to-be constructed country villa, in conjunction with renowned Greek architects.

The design included outdoor seating and covered areas, a new infinity pool and level gardens. In places there is as much as four metres difference between the old and new ground levels.

Mature Olive trees were removed to make way for the garden and some have been reused in the new scheme.

All of the stone for the house and new garden walls was sourced from site, ensuring both house and garden read harmoniously within surrounding landscape.

Planting schemes were drawn up to include beautiful, classic plants, such as, Lavender, Rosemary, Salvias, Teucrium, Grasses, Roses, Citrus trees, scented Jasmine and much more. Advice as to their suitability was confirmed with a local landscape designer, Alithea Johns of Skopos Design, who has been tasked with maintaining the gardens to a very high standard.

The only refrence to an English garden the client has been adamant to include, is the grass lawn. Having been told this was an impossible dream; we have all been proved wrong by the client!