Country House | Hampshire

This property and grounds had previously been used as military offices during WWII and as a result much of the grounds contained large areas of concrete and military related remnants. 

Together with Ian Adam Smith-Architects, the house and gardens were designed in unison, to gain a better conectivity bewteen the two. Over the last two years both house and garden have been transformed. 2015 will be the first full growing year, so images will be updated in due course. 

Features include a wildflower meadow framing the long drive, development of new seating terraces to take advantage of far-reaching, rural, views and some more intimate views within the gardens themselves.

A large empty walled garden has been resurrected as a formal potager, filled with flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit. A new glasshouse and fruit cage provide secure growing environments for more specialist production.

An espalier pear walk, divides the potager from the the lower end of the walled garden, which was deemed the ideal location for a new swimming pool.

Simplicity of design was required to the west of the house, ensuring the garden is sympathetic to the adjoining parkland and distant countryside. However, interest was still considered paramount. The solution is in the form of the wildflower meadow facing the west terrace and an inverted sculpted landform, at the centre of which will be displayed a modern sculpture.  This leads through a small woodland garden into the wildflower meadow and connects to the tennis court, orchard and woodlands beyond. These are slowly being stocked with true native English Bluebells.